Aluminum Tank/Trailer/Pump 280 Gal Standard Package

Complete with pump, meter, battery in box, at-a-glance fuel gauge, 12' hose, vent/fill cap, and nozzle.

Trailer is top of the line, powder coated with aluminum wheels, up-graded tires, enclosed wiring, all lights, and tag holder.
Hazmat and product decals also included.

Other options and configurations available



     150 Gallon Package ................. $3695
     280 Gallon Package ................. $4095
     500 Gallon Package ................. $6295
Fuel-TOGO is one of the nations leaders in portable aluminum fuel tank packages. We offer a wide range of options, our portable aluminum refueling tank is mounted on a custom tailer and  is a perfect solution for the aviator, sportsman, rescue operations, or farmer. We offer and custom equip our portable aluminum tank packagesa for remote emergency and rescue operations. Our portable aluminum fuel tank package is your answer to many needs.

BE PREPARED! Ensure a safe, reliable source of fuel.

These tanks and trailers are designed for refueling vehicles and equipment on site, or in the field. Available for diesel, gasoline and other aviation fuels. Used for transport of fuel on public roads and refueling on location. Our specialty aviation trailers meet DOT specifications to transport and store both Jet-A and AvGas and include all the necessary equipment specific to aviation fueling, such as grounding reels/lines and aviation-grade hoses and nozzles. Call now for more details or a quote.

Let us build a portable aluminum refueling tank or a portable aluminum tank for your specific needs.

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